Broadcast can work for your business

Agency Discounts

Agency discounts are beautiful. Let’s say you’re ready to invest $5,000 per month into a radio campaign to generate leads for your business. You meet with the radio station rep and they sell you 50 commercials per month at $100 each. Did you get a good deal? Could you have gotten more commercials at a different radio station?

Then you need to negotiate with the radio station to figure out what time of day each spot will run, or let them tell you. Then you need to figure out what your ad will say and why people should care.

Or you can have us handle it. We’ll get 60+ commercials for that same $5,000, and through years of media experience, will know the best time of day your commercials should be running.

The only input we’ll need from you is telling us about your business so we can write a winning ad. The radio station pays our commission out of their money. It’s a win-win-win, as Michael Scott would say.

4 Step Process To Broadcast Success

Business Discovery

Why you over your competitors? What product or service are you offering, what is your call-to-action? Price point? What will your margin be? Check out our blog post on the details we’ll cover during our meeting.

Media Selection

Radio? Television? Which stations are you customers listening to? Not just the station you and your spouse listen to. This step is both fun and scientific. Who’s the audience? What do they care about? How many 1,000’s of consumers are you reaching with each dollar spent? We answer these questions.

Negotiating With The Stations

Station managers can be wonderful, they can also be vultures searching for injured gazelles. Tell them a $2,500 budget and they won’t have anything available for under $5,000. You need to know what to ask for. We know what to ask for.

Place The Buy

After reviewing the media plan with you, pay us the gross rate of the negotiated schedule, we pay the station and keep the net. It’s called an agency discount. Our payment comes out of the station’s pocket, not yours.

Message Us

What We Do For You

We have decades of media experience. No we don’t charge a retainer fee or invoice you $20,000 for a sit-down discovery session. We work with everyday business owners who turn a tidy profit, keep their retirements funded and their families fed. We have relationships with media companies throughout Sacramento and the country. We’ll help you buy and place media. We’ll save you time and money. We’ll get your phones ringing, your websites lead-capturing and your appointment book full.

Media Planning & Negotiating

Sorry business owners, we are the lucky ones who get to meet with media reps to review and review 30 page slide decks.

Script Writing

We’ll take a fresh idea from concept to script to screen. Check out our Stockton Auto World campaign page for an example.

Commercial Production

Some stations include production, others make you pay, we know who does what and for how much.

Measuring Results

You’re right, broadcast advertising can be hard to measure, well, used to be hard to measure. We’ll setup website and social media analytics, develop landing pages and train your staff so you can properly measure whether your marketing dollars are delivering ROI.urs.

Three Critical Components To Successful Broadcast Campaigns

Building equity with an audience of people who could buy your product or service is the magical key to making broadcast work. And if you do these 3 things, you’ll discover the key opens the lock almost every time.


Reach the right people who will respond to your message.


Have enough frequency and consistency for your message to be top of mind when they make a buying decision


Have a message that will cut through the clutter- 3500 messages a day, you need to cut through the clutter, and our team can help you do that.