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You’re a savvy business owner and have likely received at least a few bids on your new website. The most troubling thing?  The prices range from a box of Cracker Jacks, up to a slightly used Mercedes. Then you see and hear commercials all day long for free websites from DIY website companies. With this massive range in price, what should your next step be? Stop and ask yourself this…

Out of all these options, who will be taking the time to figure out how to put your website online? No, not the technical side of building the site, the content part. The creative part. The actual text and graphics that will live on each page and speak to your visitors about who you are and how you can help them. Your competitor is one back button away. What will you present to compel visitors to choose you over your competitor across the street, or across the world? Answering this question is a serious time investment, which is why it’s your lucky day, because that’s what we do.


A responsive website automatically changes to fit the device you’re reading it on, an absolute must have today. We build mobile responsive websites. We can rebuild your existing site to be mobile friendly, or start completely fresh. The choice is yours, and we are ready to give you suggestions.

Is your current site is mobile-friendly?

Go to Google’s official mobile friendly test here to find out.




Whether you need a complicated web application to streamline a process in your business, or just a beautiful new site to show off your portfolio of work, our discovery process is a fun way to learn how your business will take shape online.

What's your business goal?

We uncover how your business will be most profitable online. What products or services do you make the most margin on? Which customers are your biggest fans and why do they love you? What makes your business unique in the marketplace? We take the time to help you create an online business strategy.

Design your digital sales funnel

What is your customers journey to discover and eventually buy your product or service? We’ll explain your options for capturing leads, pairing what you are comfortable with doing with the capabilities you can put in place.

Create your Scope of Work

We will detail each step of the design and development process and lay out a clear list of deliverables. This is what you are getting for your investment.


After reviewing your business needs, defining your customers journey, and determining we are good fit to work together, we move into the Design Phase. We will help you design a flowing site that makes sense, and unlike many agencies, help organize your information and/or site navigation so it flows logically. A site that makes sense and presents information clearly is critical. We’ll design your sitemap to work well.

So what is a Site-Map?

A Site-Map are the pages of your website; the Homepage, About Us, Services, etc. Your business isn’t cookie cutter, neither is your website. We help you determine what pages should go where to create the best chance to convert a visitor into a customer.

Do I need to write my new websites content?

Good question! – No. Here’s the thing; Google has changed. Todays search engine robots that decide which sites rank at the top of the page loves conversational and engaging text, and interesting pages that actual humans enjoy reading (no more silly keyword stuffing). Bottom line: Our website copywriting will help you rank better. The little things (which are BIG) – Headlines, subheadings, bullet points, blurbs, etc… that’s all part of our service.

Do I need to provide you with pictures and images?

Yes and no. We will supply stock imagery to make your site look professional, but it won’t be personal, and this day and age, your customers want sincerity and personality in the businesses they consider working with. So yes we’ll provide images, but you’ll need to supply some, or we have a great photography / videography team to make your business come alive on your site. Ask us more about this.


We build your website to match the designs you approve, paying attention to the gritty details of properly coding the site to have the best chance of being found for the keywords and content you want to rank for.

What happens to my current site while the new one is being built?

Your new site will be built on our staging server so your current site can remain up. We’ll migrate your new site to your domain at launch time.

Quality control and launch

Here’s where the magic happens. Our team will review each page of your site to ensure all functions are working, then we move the site to your domain name, launch your new site and pop the bubbly to celebrate a prosperous future!

Will my website be easy to update and maintain?

We believe you should not only own your site, but be able to update and maintain it (if you want to). “My old web designer isn’t responding…” “I’m not sure where that password is…” “I have no idea where my original logo files are…”

Relying on someone else to access or update your site means you’re not in control of your own business. We believe in “showing our work,” and training you in basic site maintenance before we let you go! We’ll always be here for you after launch, and if you really want nothing to do with adding content or maintaining your site, we offer services to do this for you.


Apostilles Now

“Naz and the Apostilles Now team needed a supercharged SEO site with e-commerce to standout among fierce competition. The site is performing very well!”

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